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A dance invasion unlike any before is headed your way. Top scientists confirmed today that ‘TOUCHDOWN’ will be between the 15-17th of June 2018.

The world is bracing for a weekend of dance that is — well — out-of-this-world.

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Dancing Day & Night



The unnatural urge...to dance!


Day & Night

“The Invasion seems almost obsessed with dancing,” warned Dr. Julia Sirius Naem, “it may factor into how they seem to have endless energy and comradery.”

What sort of mania has taken over an entire invading force to make them groove so much? Scientists have concluded the secret may be in the variety of dance music which serves as a constant fresh inspiration, along with their inclination to dance with any one, any time, any where.

“Live music also is prevalent, all around the city” added the good doctor.

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“From what we know, The Invasion appears to value all their members of the invasion squad as able to take key roles,“ said Dr. Eham Reale.

This was confirmed today with the announcement of optional workshops taught by members from the Invasion community all over the world, in a wide variety of topics. From dance related topics such as musicality, to shared skills and even teaching about teaching (pedagogy)!

The options available seem endless, and with The Invasion getting stronger thanks to this training, can anything get in their way??

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Beyond the Unknown (Cover)



Startling revelations today have The Invasion involved in a number of unique displays of fun:

  • Kayaking around city waterways
  • a Craft Beer tour with live music by Dan Nash
  • guided black history tour of London Brixton
  • and more!

“The Invasion shows no sign of being stop-able, due to its high value on fun and sheer number of various cool things happening,” said Dr. Absolu Noteval, who was seen putting on sunscreen, flip-flops and carrying a picnic basket.

“What? Going to this kick-ass Invasion party? Well I….” and then they disappeared out the door.

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