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Are you fearless? Do you pine after adventure, comradery,  and expanding your experiences? Join forces now as we go on…

excursions (noun)

1. a short journey or trip, especially one taken as a leisure activity
synonyms: trip, outing, jaunt, expedition, journey, tour

2. a movement of something along a path

Canoe & Craft Brewery

Canoeing at Moo Canoes followed by Craft Beer Tour at Crate Brewery.

Exploring London’s network of canals, rivers and docksides is paddle through the capital’s history. Towpaths, quays and riversides are soaked in traces of the past – from Saxon beaches, Georgian warehouses or Victorian sewer pipes to exotic plants carried on passing barges.

There are ribbons of almost-rural green, screened from surrounding suburbia by graceful willows and poplars, vast expanses of water where whalers, the first freezer ships, and ocean liners docked and canals that cut through key moments in industrial history.

Meanwhile, Crate Brewery is located in old factory with recycled decor and its own micro-brewery plus inventive pizzas and DJ sets.

Black History Walk through London

Explore hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life. Discover secret alleyways and enormous buildings all connected to Africa and the Caribbean.

As Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, says about the city, “[discover] the huge contribution black people have made to London and to our country — the African and African Caribbean communities have done so much to add to the life of the capital, helping to make it one of the most vibrant places on the planet.”

Even the Blues has a long and complex history with London; did you know Britain had its first brush with the blues in the autumn of 1923? Take the tour to learn more!

Skill Shares and non-dance classes

What’s in here? Open this Pandora’s Box and you’ll find a magical collection of group shares that spans everything from Massage Technique to Public Speaking and beyond — it’s literally unlimited!

Our community teachers come from all over the galaxy, ready to spread information and fun, jokes and insight, from their background into your future.

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