Adventure Ahead


Are you fearless? Do you pine after adventure, comradery,  and expanding your experiences? Join forces now as we go on…

excursions (noun)

1. a short journey or trip, especially one taken as a leisure activity
synonyms: trip, outing, jaunt, expedition, journey, tour

2. a movement of something along a path

Kayaking around LImehouse basin

Meeting Point: at Moo Canoes at Limehouse Basin at 2:30pm
Activity time: 2:30 – 5pm
(fully booked now!)

Exploring London’s network of canals, rivers and docksides is paddling through the capital’s history. Towpaths, quays and riversides are soaked in traces of the past – from Saxon beaches, Georgian warehouses or Victorian sewer pipes to exotic plants carried on passing barges.

There are ribbons of almost-rural green, screened from surrounding suburbia by graceful willows and poplars, vast expanses of water where whalers, the first freezer ships, and ocean liners docked and canals that cut through key moments in industrial history.

Please wear clothes you can get wet in and flip flops / no shoes. All belongings can be locked at the start, where you will receive proper instructions from our experts at Moo Canoes.


Canoeing will be starting and finishing at Limehouse Basin – it’s only 30 mins away from the party boat, so either bring your best boat party attire with you to leave at the start and finishing point, or whizz home for a quick fresh-up before we meet at Tower (Millennium) Pier at 7pm.





Black History Walk through London

Meeting point: Brixton
Activity time: 2:30pm-5pm

Explore hundreds of years of the African presence and contribution to London’s way of life. Discover what shaped life in London’s largest black community, Brixton, and how the area has changed and survived over time.

As Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, says about the city, “[discover] the huge contribution black people have made to London and to our country — the African and African Caribbean communities have done so much to add to the life of the capital, helping to make it one of the most vibrant places on the planet.”

Not just the Blues has a long and complex history with London (as you will find out in Jered’s Blues Brunch), so take the tour to find out about topics like

Segregation British style: No Blacks, no dogs, no Irish”
“Brixton Black Panthers”
“Black British civil rights, who, what and where?”
“Resistance or riots ? Media and the black community”




Fourpure Brewery – with Live Music from Dan Nash

Meeting point: at Fourpure Brewery at 2:30pm
Activity time: 2:30pm-5pm

Going for a pint to one of the quirky breweries on Bermondsey Beer Mile is the epitome of everything London. Hipster staff serve outstanding craft beer that is visibly brewed on site, and Dan Nash will play some tunes so you can enjoy that pint in style.

You don’t like beer but like the idea of spacing out with great friends in a relaxed atmosphere? Fear not: there are plenty of tasty lemonades and ice teas to do an alternative tasting with if you fancy.

Bonus: Dan Nash will play for all the thirsty dancers at the brewery!

Fourpure Brewery is south of Southward Park and only 30 minutes away from Tower Millennium Pier.

If you want to make the most out of your day, either bring your best boat party attire with you or whizz home for a quick fresh-up before we meet at Tower (Millennium) Pier at 7pm sharp!