Teacher Training & Scene Building


Teacher Training & Scene Building

 This Limited Edition training is your prime opportunity if you’re a Teacher, Organiser, or someone who aspires to become one.

Special Tickets must be reserved separately and are limited to just 20 spaces. Featuring in-depth sessions taught by Vicci and Adamo, two of the most popular teachers and scene leaders today; learn from their vast experience growing the scene both locally and internationally.

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Is this for you?

Adamo and Vicci’s teacher training and scene building sessions are aimed at people who are not yet teaching but want to start, who are new teaching, or who have been teaching for a while and want to refine and develop their skills.

During their teacher training sessions they will combine theoretical knowledge of pedagogy – the method and practice of teaching – with practical exercises, so you can put theory into practice.  The exact topics covered during the sessions will depend on the needs of the group, but possible subjects include:

  • how to come up with material
  • class planning
  • teaching the perfect taster class
  • how to maintain students
  • managing a class
  • working well with your teaching partner
  • feedback and evaluation
  • and many more!

Adamo and Vicci believe that being a dance teacher requires two very specific skills: the skill of dancing, and the skill of teaching.  A great dancer does not necessarily make a great teacher, and vice versa!  They try to place equal importance on training their dancing and their teaching, so both skills are continuously developing and improving.

Scene builders & Organisers

Having helped to set up and run two successful local scenes (London and Valencia) Vicci & Adamo will also touch on the topic of scene building and how to grow a blues dance community in your own town. Please come with specific questions if you have any!

Special tickets

Remember, there are limited spaces, and you need to register in advance separate from other passes.

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Friday, 15 June
1:30 – 6:30 pm
St Luke’s Community Centre