Academy Instructors


Academy Instructors

 The Academy is rostered by Captains from all over the known galaxy, with special highlights straight out of Starbase London — all of which guarantees a full fleet of thrilling classes to choose from!

Adamo Ciarallo & Vicci Moore

Adamo and Vicci started their blues dancing journey together in London, where they nurtured and grew the blues dance scene, setting up two weekly blues dance events – Sin City Blues and Stompin’ the Blues – plus Blues at The Ritzy, a monthly live music event. They created Europe’s first blues dance performance troupe, The Down and Outs, and are co-organizers of Espanish Blues Festival in Madrid. Adamo and Vicci have an incredible chemistry on the dance floor, bringing intensity, elegance and musicality to the dance. Their passion for blues is evident in their inspiring classes, giving dynamic and energetic lessons with a focus on creativity, communication and connection within the partnership, developing a relationship with the music, and encouraging dancers to find their own blues voice. We are delighted to have them back on our teaching crew!

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