Academy Instructors


Academy Instructors

 The Academy is rostered by Captains from all over the known galaxy, with special highlights straight out of Starbase London — all of which guarantees a full fleet of thrilling classes to choose from!


We are proud to present The Invasion 2018 Academy Team:

Vicci & Adamo     Trisha Sewell     Jered Morin     Becky Norris     Jae Wilson

Adamo Ciarallo & Vicci Moore

Adamo and Vicci have an incredible chemistry on the dance floor, bringing intensity, elegance and musicality to the dance.

Their passion for blues is evident in their inspiring classes, giving dynamic and energetic lessons with a focus on creativity, communication and connection within the partnership, developing a relationship with the music, and encouraging dancers to find their own blues voice.

We are delighted to have these two back on our teaching crew!

Also, they’ll be running a special Teacher Training and Scene Building Session on Friday — take advantage of this opportunity!

trisha sewell

Dancing from the age of 3, Trisha has not stopped spreading her joy and love of dance. Trisha hails from Hertfordshire, UK, and has been teaching since 1997 and on the international scene since 2003.

She has spearheaded the revival of Authentic Jazz within the UK, working and training  with some of the freshest dancers and teachers around. It’s been said that her teaching style is innovative, dynamic and inspiring.

Always engaging and fun, Trisha loves to make people laugh and feel relaxed in her classes. At the end of her classes students are filled with energy and excitement. Trisha ensures that class material is detailed and balanced for followers. The result is the dance looks as authentic as it can. Trisha’s ability to communicate complex concepts and patterns clearly means students find themselves easily understanding how movements and steps should look and feel.

With a vast experience in choreography and artistic direction, she leads the way with her exciting approach to performance. Not only has she choreographed countless routines, she has also performed in the world famous Royal Albert Hall in London.

In addition to appearing in the TV, Newspapers, Radio and Music Videos, she has been regularly invited to perform and teach workshops at major dance events all over the UK and Europe.


Jered Morin

In over 18 years as an Instructor, Performer and Competition Judge, Jered’s aim has always been the same — to inspire and challenge while pushing himself too. His intense joy of dancing is contagious and it has lead to international festivals, theatre stages, and numerous TV appearances.

He’s noted for his extensive study of the history and culture behind the dances, combined with a sharp eye for quality body movement and natural use. With those tools he shares with students how to create something impressive and – even more so – self-expressive on the dance floor.

Explore various parts of dance history, alongside playlists, in his blog at

Jered Morin

Jae Wilson

Hey ya’ll. My name is Jae Wilson. I’ve been dancing and teaching blues for over a decade across the US and Europe. My blues ‘home’ is Portland, OR an American bastion of Chicago blues, one of founding fathers of fusion, and world-class tango, and west coast swing. I was invited to share my love of dance as an instructor and DJ at the first Blues Invasion, and have continued to support the event since. I’m thrilled to share my love of partnering and partying wherever I go, so find me when you get to London. Let’s git down and do the bad thang.

Becky Norris

Becky found blues dancing in 2012 after drunkenly agreeing to join a friend on a blues night out in London. After just one night she was hooked and went on to discover swing dancing and balboa. But blues has remained her main love.

Becky has regularly taught blues since 2016 and has been a part of The Down and Outs and The Dixie Dinahs performance troupes. She’s taught, performed and competed around Europe both and is known for her creativity, isolations and stupid jokes.

Becky mainly loves being able to connect with her students and share the thing that she’s most passionate about.

Becky Norris