The Invasion 2018 brings you…

3 nights of parties, all of them with live music followed by awesome DJs!

1 full day of dance classes
1 full day filled with inspiring activities
Awesome venues
Choose your own adventure
Amazing community

Made with real love — join this hot spot of non-stop dancing that will melt the world with fun activities, extraordinary classes, and Blues, Blues, Blues!





 Passes are sold in pairs as well as single passes: pairs can be lead-follow, switch-switch, follow-switch, lead-switch … you get the idea! Only one person needs to register and pay for both.

Get in on a Wave a.s.a.p. before it’s gone!







I am low on intergalactic currency, is it possible to still attend the event?

A limited number of scholarships are available, please get in touch with Headquarters.

What About hosting in London?

We’re here for you! Although London is tight on space, and so guaranteed hosting is difficult, we want to help. Please post in the Facebook Event to find a friendly local who can offer you housing directly, and check out Airbnb and hostels around East London.

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I have questions not on the website…

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