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Intergalactic DJs

Your favourite DJs — alongside Live Music every day — will push this Invasion to be as stellar as you could hope.

Tracy Karkut-Law


Tracy practically eats, sleeps and breathes blues.

Her mission is simple: to bring the party wherever she goes and have you up and dancing with a big smile on your face. With a music collection that’s as wide as it is deep, she’ll always have a surprise for you. Tracy’s love for blues shines through in every set and her style is unmistakeable. (If it reaches deep into your soul, she’ll play it.)



Fluff has been tearing up DJ decks at Blues and Fusion events far and wide, his passion for Blues comes from spending over 20 years of learning and playing Blues on various instruments. He’s always hunting for new and interesting tunes, digging out tracks to thrill the dance floor or hunting down artists who nail that Bluesy vibe or late night groove.

matt mickle


Matt was the DJ Coordinator for PB&J in Portland for the last 8 years, has been social dancing for ~15 years and DJing almost as long in West Coast, Blues, Tango and Lindy.

He has also DJed and/or helped coordinate at several Blues Fusion/Alt events across the states and a few in the EU too!

Izzie Diesch


Izzie is a Swing and Blues Dancer from Germany who discovered dancing as her passion during her 1 year stay in Cambridge in 2012. Having had to return to Bavaria to finish her teaching degree she didn’t want to stop dancing and therefore decided to build her own little Swing dancing scene in Würzburg, a small student city in Bavaria. She’s been teaching and DJing there for almost 5 years now and when the passion for Blues took her over (which obviously happened in the blink of an eye) she then also started teaching and DJing Blues, first locally and then also internationally.

She loves the freedom and creativity Blues enhances and is all about connection. Not only to your partner but also to the music. Most of all she loves playing slow and low energy music towards the end of parties and see how differently dancers interpret the music on the dancefloor.

Izzie Diesch


Ally Yancey

Ally Yancey


Ally has been dancing for over half her lifetime, and her love of movement and music is directly influenced by her explorations in Blues, Tango, Fusion, Lindy Hop, contemporary, and hip hop.

She has been teaching and DJing at Blues & Fusion events along the West Coast since 2007, and she loveloveloves finding the music that each unique scene enjoys grooving and getting down to.


Jered Morin

Filling up dance floors around the globe since 1999, Jered has become a highly sought-after DJ and Emcee.

He’s Head DJ for international Blues & Swing Festivals.

He pumps up dancers on the mic.

He selects tunes and guides competitors through major Competitions.

In fact, there isn’t much Jered hasn’t done to share his musical passion…

Whether as DJ, Emcee, or wearing another hat, Jered’s honored to have been invited to events as diverse as Cleveland’s All Balboa Weekend through Tel Aviv’s Feelin’ Blues and everything in-between. After all, it’s the music that makes the dance come alive!