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Live Music & More

 Live Music everyday plus your favourite DJs will make this Invasion as stellar as you would expect. Name dropping commences shortly!

Live Bands

Our artists come from around the universe — they’ll be blowing you away every night, to keep your mind off the Gorbnorb Uprising of Planet Alpha V, and focused squarely on the power of live music flowing through you.

Keep your transmitters dialed into this channel to receive all the latest breaking new flashes!

Tracy Karkut-Law


Tracy practically eats, sleeps and breathes blues.

Her mission is simple: to bring the party wherever she goes and have you up and dancing with a big smile on your face. With a music collection that’s as wide as it is deep, she’ll always have a surprise for you. Tracy’s love for blues shines through in every set and her style is unmistakeable. (If it reaches deep into your soul, she’ll play it.)


Fluff has been tearing up DJ decks at Blues and Fusion events far and wide, his passion for Blues comes from spending over 20 years of learning and playing Blues on various instruments. He’s always hunting for new and interesting tunes, digging out tracks to thrill the dance floor or hunting down artists who nail that Bluesy vibe or late night groove.

Jered Morin

Filling up dance floors around the globe since 1999, Jered has become a highly sought-after DJ and Emcee.

He’s Head DJ for international Blues & Swing Festivals.

He pumps up dancers on the microphone.

He selects tunes and guides competitors through major Competitions.

In fact, there isn’t much Jered hasn’t done to share his musical passion…

Whether as DJ, Emcee, or wearing another hat, Jered’s honored to have been invited to events as diverse as Cleveland’s All Balboa Weekend, Tel Aviv’s Feelin’ Blues, and everything in between. After all, it’s the music that makes the dance come alive!



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