What is EBI

EBI. So what’s it all about…

EBI 2017 marks our sixth edition. From snow-bound beginnings in 2012 and dancing in a tree house in 2015, this year’s festival will bring world class teachers, passionate dancers and brilliant musicians together to create a little bit of magic. So here are the five most important things you need to know about EBI.


The dance community is at the heart of what we do. We were the first dance event in London to introduce a safer space policy.  We want our events to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, so we offer a ‘pay what you can‘  sliding ticket scale and a pay by installments ticket. This year  we are building on our community ethos, we will have  teachers workshops because we want EBI to inspire you to take your learning back to your home scene and build your community there. So if you want to develop your teaching, lesson planning and scene building skills then this is just for you. And also like to think that we put our money where our mouths are – we support our local community and make a contribution to our workshop venue. St Luke’s is a community charity which supports vulnerable people in London, and we’ve donated to other inclusive dance schools.

Choose your own adventure

At EBI we don’t ask you to put yourself into boxes – whether you’re a beginner, an experienced blues dancer, or come from a background in other social dances we want you to have a great time.

​Our teachers offer classes to suit all skill levels with differentiated teaching which means that there is something for everyone in all the classes. And because there is SO MUCH awesome, our teachers talk through and demonstrate what they’ll cover in their sessions so that you can really choose your own adventure and take the classes that you WANT to take. Thats right, no tracks, just lots of choice! Our classes are run over three days ( Fri, Sat and Sun) and cover fundamentals, connection, technique, dancing to a range of musical styles, and lots more.

Sharing is caring

We’re proud to have created an event that not only runs formal classes, but encourages attendees to learn from each other. That’s why every year we run ‘skill share’ sessions that have covered stretching, pop n locking, contact improvisation, self defence, event organisation, addressing cultural appropriation, tips for DJ’ing and building safer spaces. If you have a hidden skill or hobby that you would want to share, don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you. Our skill shares for 2017 are opening soon. Watch this space….

Music, music, music

And last but not certainly NOT least, EBI brings amazing music to the community. We’ve had over 20 artists and bands join us over the last 5 events and countless DJs – bringing the best in both blues music and encouraging expression and experimentation to other music genres with our extra late night alt-Blues sets. Keep an eye on our music page to learn more about this year’s bands and DJs.

A video by Ian Burke capturing EBI 2013.